Do You Need a Plan for Planting?

Hire garden design experts serving Irving, and Hamburg, NY

Add a pop of color and texture to your landscape with professional garden design services from Joey K's Plowing & Landscape Services. You'll have direct access to an aesthetic landscaping expert who will walk you through choosing the best plants for your yard. Our professionals will blend the perfect mixture of flowers, trees and plants to create a beautiful landscape or garden design. We'll even make sure all of the colors complement your house.

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A personalized approach to planting

A personalized approach to planting

Joey K's Plowing & Landscape Services provides a start to finish garden design process that covers:

  • Planning: We'll draw up custom sketches of mulch and flower beds that fit perfectly into your landscape.
  • Picking: Trust us to pick plants and shrubs that not only look good, but also thrive in the New York climate.
  • Planting: We'll deliver precise plant installation to ensure plant growth and avoid overcrowding.

Breathe new life into your lawn with professional aesthetic landscaping services. Reach out for a free service quote today.

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