Let the Professionals Mow Your Lawn

Schedule a routine lawn mowing service in Irving, and Hamburg, NY

Is your lawn too much for you to handle? Call on the pros at Joey K's Plowing and Landscaping Services. We're a dedicated and talented team who can transform your yard in Irving, and Hamburg, NY. You should be able to relax and refresh on your weekends. Hire our team to take care of the dirty work. Through our lawn mowing services, we'll make sure that your lawn is picture-perfect.

We love what we do and you deserve a lawn that you can be proud of. We'll do anything we can to give you professional curb appeal. Contact us today to schedule our lawn mowing services.

Ask us about our tree planting and top soil services

No matter what season we're in, it's important for you to keep up with the exterior of your home. There's no better way to do this than calling Joey K's Plowing and Landscaping Services. We'll take care of your yard through our top soil and tree planting services. Planting a tree seems easier than it really is, which is why you should rely on our hardworking professionals to ensure the job is done the right way, the first time.

We can experience heavy winters and wet springs in Irving, and Hamburg, NY. At Joey K's we ensure that your top soil will stay pristine. We not only get the job done, but we do it with detail-oriented crews that genuinely care about the work they do. We're committed to making each and every homeowner proud of their lawn. Call 716-553-5882 now to learn more about our top soil services.

Benefits of driveway sealing

Did you know that you should have your driveway sealing redone every one to three years? Don't let more time pass by before calling Joey K's Plowing and Landscaping Services. Not only does driveway sealing leave your overall exterior looking fresh and smooth, but it also protects what is underneath the surface. Driveway sealing provides you with a smooth entry and exit to your home.

Driveway sealing also increases the value of your property! When you salt your driveway, the salt slowly degrades the surface of your concrete and asphalt over time. Get ahead of any damage and decay by calling Joey K's for driveway sealing services.

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